THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/11/14


Anger is non-acceptance, a fighting against, or resistance to Divine Will.

When anger is strong enough or loud enough, and has yet to be consciously dealt with on some level of awareness within the individual, it can manifest in various ways, including physical pain.

Yes, physical pain can be a manifestation of festering and undealt with emotional pain. And, YES, the effects of physical pain can be reversed. How strong is your TRUST?

Are you frustrated? Do you feel you have gone down a rabbit hole of teachings, self-help books, or other around this subject matter in your life? Do you feel like the anger is rising further now, or frustration maybe? Can you feel it rising? GOOD! Quickly, now… where is it? Drop your head and close your eyes and ask that question. Again, “Where is the anger?” Good… identify with it now by asking, “Why are you here? What have you got to show me for my enlightenment?”

Getting angrier? Walk away for now. Take a breath. Re-group.

But here’s the kicker… the reason it’s there, and the reason it’s so deep, is because you put it there to protect yourself. You were smart enough to know that to get by at the time of its occurrence, you needed to bury it deeply. It’s ok… B R E A T H E and then do it again. Relax upon your breath.

If you are reading (or writing – ha ha!) this, you are so VERY close! This is the process. This is why you are here right now. This is what you came to learn about and cope with so that you may be of service to others on a grander scale. Remember, careful what you wish for… you might just get it.

You see, here’s the thing, though… any unsettled aspect of your being, any fragments of frustration, anger, disappointment, etc, were setup by God for God. And you are the aspect of God, alive and well, and here to experience this piece so that God may become further enlightened. Re-read that. Take it in, really. Does that help? Does it help to know that you are helping God? Or is that where your main issue lies? Are you angry at God? Do you think the Universe has abandoned you in some way?


God loves you enough to give you the experiences you need to return HOME to Him. There is so much more at play here than your human mind can understand. But you NEED to LET GO now. You are incapable of understanding the truth of the truths with the mind God gave you as a human in ANY life. So stop trying. In the trying, you are dying. Just be. Hold for a second… now just be there… hold for a second… now just be there.

The objective is to keep you in the unknown with regards to your mind, so that the experience comes in the form of the super-mind, super-consciousness, which lies within you! But the goal is to have you understanding your lessons THERE, and NOT in the mind.

It may “seem” like torture, or “appear” like a carrot that can never be consumed no matter how hungry you become. But please understand this truth… ONLY FROM THE DEPTHS OF YOU COMES THE CRY FOR THE TRUTH THAT THE SUPER-CONSCIOUS WITHIN YOU CAN GRASP. For this reason, the “game” must continue until it concludes with your full surrender and outcry to God. Then and only then will you KNOW the TRUTH.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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  1. Well that certainly puts a twist on resistance, wow. I had gotten to a point creatively, for instance, knowing that a union of purpose occurs when art is moving through an artist — that a writer or a poet can rush through the fields with the thunder and winds of words that rush through them to reach home and grab paper and pen to get it all down before the wind finds another writer…that we are creating with and for and through far greater than ourselves; but NEVER in this existence had I seen an emotion as a means of serving my Maker. Never. I can see now, as of this post, that I had a disconnect: while emotions are messengers and means of refining ones soul, they still feel like a curse really — mine run deeply and forever and I wake each day to manage a torrent of them and find peace by days end. That is a good thing to know about myself — that I feel cursed by being very emotional. I guess that would be a non-serving belief that you have just helped me see differently and so I wanted to thank you for this new work I can undertake crossing the bridge into the ever-new reality we are creating. An entire shift in energy or polarity from doom to purpose is quite something. Loveloveloveyourstuffsomanythanksandblessings…A.

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      Wow, Alanna, this is GREAT! Life certainly is filled with twists and turns. Sometimes it just takes an ever so gentle shift in perspective to change a life positively forever… Sounds like you’re on that track!

      Also, regarding your emotions, to say I understand is an understatement. I am a double cancer. I have been told that I am in the process of becoming a master of emotions, so all of these emotional opportunities have been presented in my life to show me my own resilience and ability to serve others. Perhaps there is some truth there for you as well. ;0)

      So glad these channels are helpful to you. If I can be of further service, you know where to find me. Have a great, happily twisted day! :0)

  2. Dear Ray – Today is my birthday. This is the most beautiful gift I could receive. Thank you so much for all of your writings. I read your weekly channel on the Cosmic Path. My heart is filled with peace this moment after reading your words and the gratitude for being able to share the surrender is immense. Sometimes, I just want to take off my head altogether and shake out all the analyses, doubts, figurings, and trying so so hard to find an answer. Today, my friend, I will rest with your words of Truth taking in this most beautiful gift. With so much love, Linda

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      Hi Linda. Happy Birthday! Any time you can celebrate a birthday with new, immediate empowerment, is the start of a great year.

      Regarding being a “heady” person, here’s the thing as I have found it… A good friend of mine once said, “Ray, that beautiful mind has saved your life on many occasions.” In that, Linda, I had found great solace and continually look to use it to create ways to connect with folks in the heart. What a beautiful gift that incredible mind of yours is!

      While I realize how difficult it can sometimes be to navigate all the thoughts, I do my best to remember to go easy on myself, connect to my breath and allow my brain to make connections for others as a service, rather than a runaway train of distracting thoughts; one that actually can create untrue stories and more drama. What I feel in this moment for you is that your mind distracts you ONLY from feeling your greatness. But it’s ok… You ARE great! And it may just be time (this year) to allow that wonderful you to be seen BY YOU! Connect into that incredible, giving heart and find the space where it and your beautiful intellect merge… It will literally blow your mind and leave you solely in gratitude… in your heart. Best wishes for an unbelievably heart-felt year!

      1. Oh my gosh, thank you for your clarity. I do feel like this year is going to be different and special. Here is a poem I wrote several years ago that came up from that inside place you talk about. Perhaps the “sound” is now being heard and ”seen” by my own God-self! Much Gratitude and Love, Linda

        CRY HOME

        Softly echoes a distant sound
        Far under the glassy surface.
        Slow, deep and wild emanating
        From the depths of a rushing river.
        Ringed with lightyears of time,
        A soul’s cry is heard.
        From the center of a void
        A buried loving ache,
        A whisper from inside my heart.

        The spiraling spin of every star
        Is heard in the rising of the song
        All endings, all beginnings
        And every soul that ever suffered,
        Is held in the resonant hollows.
        The vibration reaches every earthly cell
        The ancient river washes the wounds
        To reveal the source of the sound.
        The longing to come home.

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