THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 7/28/14


What is grace? This four letter word is so often thrown around in the Earthly dimension, but how truly understood is it? The energy behind the song “Amazing Grace” in the United States can be misleading. While the motivation for the song is pure, to connect the soul to the grace of God, even some of the words are sung from victim consciousness. However, Buddha also got it wrong when he FIRST died under the Bodhi tree. Yes, he did. However, the Governing Council told him his intention, or motivation, was pure in that he wanted to eliminate human suffering. So they put him back in a body and then he got it right, seeing all as perfect in all ways, watching individual, family, friendly, national, international, and world karma playing out EXACTLY as it is supposed to. This is when he ACCEPTED ALL AS PERFECT.

But grace is simple really, though theoretically it can get overcomplicated. In its simplest form, grace = everything. What this means is that everything you see, experience, feel, etc is grace. You see, it is grace THAT you can see, experience, feel, etc. And each of those things requires a certain amount of grace just to experience them as experiences. Confused? Good.

Here’s the thing… it requires grace just to be human. It requires more grace to have a path. It requires more grace to have a spiritual path. It requires even more grace to know that you are on a spiritual path. If you have an outer physical, spiritual teacher, it is then, maybe, that you begin to realize that it is a grace to have a shi*ty childhood, shi*ty relationships/friendships/traumas, etc. It is also a grace to have blisfful childhoods, relationships, friendships, etc. On the spiritual path, you get the opportunity (grace) to learn what the Buddha learned… that it is ALL perfect, in all ways, always.

Grace is the opportunity. It is the journey. It is the fundamental sum of karma playing out in all ways that allows you to project a reality that you believe you are living. GRACE is where it’s ALL at.

Grace is a good girl… get to know her. She might just teach you something you have missed, even if it is something you have been sitting on for a lifetime.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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  1. Please research the origin of the song “Amazing Grace” was written by a slave trader, who saw the light and was remorseful, and in gratitude, wrote the song.
    Every day, when I thank Father/Mother God for daily Grace, I get a flash that goes right through my heart. 🙂

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      Eunice, thank you SO much for the comment! You know it’s funny… when this msg was being channeled, the statement about Amazing Grace and victim consciousness actually brought up my own questions about it. I always tell folks that ask about the Mystic’s Message two things: 1) I started writing these messages for me, and I was asked to share them with others as they might help them as well. This was my service in some small way to the planet. At some point, Stephanie Azaria asked me to do the same for her readers on her site. So I post them here and there each week. It is such a blessing that dialogue is finally beginning about them, which helps me to share what I believe to be the message in them, as the “message of the message” (LOL) comes to me. 2) Spirit, or “that voice” asked me to begin writing them after two trips to Ireland to meet and begin to understand what a grace it is to have a physical teacher. And shortly after I heard to write them, I checked in with my physical teacher about them, and it was validated that I write them.

      All that said, this process of writing them has brought such an incredible insight and awakening within me. It gives me opportunities each week to check in about how I feel about the messages being delivered and where my truth in them, o untruth within me, lies. Nonetheless, one of the blessings of our existence, at least in this country and some others, is that we are all permitted to co-exist with our own truths in each moment. I truly believe that when the planet gets there as a whole, world upheaval will end.

      To that end, and to hopefully answer your question a bit better, I had a very specific experience with that particular song in 2009. And I was given an opportunity to sing it in a space of complete LOVE (the four letter word that a good friend pointed out that “grace” equates to) “at the feet” of an enlightened master (i.e. Upanishad).
      So when this msg came through, I was like, “Huh?! That song has SUCH love in it!” Then I was asked to sit with the truth of the msg for a moment before I wrote any more. That’s when the msg of the Buddha came through about his original motivation of intent. BUT… that’s also when I heard something like this from the Masters, “Ray, you see, the fact that you still believe YOU need to be saved creates separation consciousness, even if you have had the grace to see the light for a moment. Unless, you are praying to yourself, or the God in you, you are still in duality. You see, there are different levels of enlightenment. One of them asks you to begin new patterns after you have gotten a glimpse of something greater. Another one of them eventually asks you to see the ONE pattern… that you are it, the whole thing, without separateness… for in you EVERYTHING that ever was or ever will be exists… for you are God, created in God’s image, because you are him/her. You have just forgotten it.” And, Eunice, that’s when it dawned on me that, while that song, that hymn of praise, has helped so many to transcend darkness, there was still some unenlightened (darkness where light has yet to shine) parts of it… and this equates, for me, to everyday life. While some parts of me, and parts of humanity, have awakened, there are still parts that have not, even within beauty. This has opened quite a door for me, Eunice, to see some deeper truths.

      It is hard sometimes to be in the position of facilitating loving energy in a channel that, as the vessel, you know must be published in just that way, yet know it might shake some foundations. However, as I see it, one of the parts of being a vessel for such msgs is to trust beyond logic.

      I hope this helps in some way to provide a better foundation of what the truth in that message was meant to convey.

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        Eunice! Oh my goodness… just got another major message here. I went back and read the message again… it states that

        “…even some of the words are SUNG from victim consciousness.”

        So the intent was pure, but are folks who connect into it and sing it, connecting into words, or are they connecting into the truth in the energy from its source? Wow! Hope that helps… it helped me! 🙂

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