THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/9/14


Try something new… instead of racking your brains for days on end, try coming into gratitude for what positivity (even silver lining maybe) this situation, or any for that matter, has brought into your life. One may ask, “But my child has gone into a facility this week for professional help… where is the silver lining in that?” To this individual, we would say, “Has OUR child not gone to get the professional help they have needed for quite some time? Have you asked many times for this loving being of God to get what they need, so all hearts can rest easy?”

You see, gratitude brings humbleness as well. It leads you to “half full”, from “half empty”. Better yet, it leads you to empty glass ready to be filled by the creator by dumping energy that has been wasted on thoughts that cannot change a situation or outcome, and creates new energy with which to manifest your dreams.

Gratitude is appreciation, while humbleness shows perfection in all things, which actually brings you further into gratitude. When you allow it, the cycle fills you and allows you to see the tree from the forest. Better yet, it allows you to bring that tree into focus and appreciate its flowers that have been there for you from the beginning, their fragrances the gifts for all the work you have been doing, yet not realizing.

So, stop to see the tree and its flowers, and allow the gratitude of it all to pierce your heart. You will be humbled and awed, and then grateful all over again.

With so much love in my heart for you,



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  1. Ah…..Gratitude! Love your words. Thank you. Gratitude for me became Magical coming home from Ireland yesterday. I found myself with a 4 hour layover in San Francisco due to a plane arriving late from another area. I had been up over 27 hours without sleep and all I wanted was to get home and sleep. I knew there was a deeper meaning to why this was happening and chose to be grateful for the situation. I was so happy when the airplane was finally in the air heading home and as I looked out the window of the airplane, I was humbled and felt so full of wonderment, gratitude and love as I saw the lights of San Francisco from the air. A Magnificent sight! A Magic Carpet ride! 🙂 It was my first time ever seeing San Francisco at night from that perspective and realizing what a gift it was for the 4 hour delay getting home. In those moments I also deeply realized I am living in a whole new world with new eyes and an expanded Heart. Gratitude…..Ah Yes!

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